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Join us on "Cataclysm's-Eve" to Party Down and Bash the Alliance!

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A nos amis Francophone, s.v.p. lire les informations a gauche: "En Francais"

WHEN:  12/6/2010, 6:30 PM Server time (9:30 Eastern Standard Time)

WHERE:  Stormwind City

WHO:  Horde guilds on the Lethon server

WHY:  To send off the old World of Warcraft with a bang!


THE PLAN:  PvP raid groups from each participating guild (and our goal is to have every major Horde guild on the Lethon server represented) will charge into Stormwind City simultaneously on the evening of Monday, December 6th.  We invade the city en masse and slaughter everything that moves--from King Varian Wrynn to the lowliest "concerned citizen."  Oh, and I should mention that this may include one or two Alliance players we might possibly run into.  We're talking about a full clear of Stormwind.

Please stay tuned to this website for updates on the attack plan.  I'll be in contact with the Guild Masters to make sure we're all on the same page.

While this event has been designed and organized with guilds in mind, individuals are very welcome to come join in the fun.  Maybe some ambitious types will form a PUG raid group for the loners (although I don't know what the guys from 'Say No to PUGs' will think about that...).

THE AFTERMATH: Once we've taken out all the trash, it'll be time to party down.  Amidst the unplanned, chaotic craziness, there will be a number of "sponsored" events:  A world-record-breaking Mammoth parade; naked duelling contests; DPS contests (on the SC practice dummies); Achievements; best-dressed contests; etc.  Look at the links on the left bar (under "More Information") for details as they become available.

        1)  Be ready for H Hour!  We all need to hit the Allied capital at the same time.  If possible, please get your toon close to starting positions well before kickoff.
        2)  Be prepared.  Get geared up, have any consumables you may want to use [as your Alchemist, I recommend Lesser Flask of Toughness.]  Be sure to bring along any fun widgets or gizmos for the party.  Look through your inventory for holiday special items, etc.  Don your PvP gear, but be ready to change into your best finery for the party!
        3)  Precise details on how and where each raid group will form is left up to each guild--remember, there will be a separate raid group sent to represent each Horde guild.  I will coordinate with the GM's re: points of entry.  Contact your GM/officers, and look for calendar invites.
        4)  Stay tuned to this website--further details will be forthcoming.
        5)  Oh, and please pass along helpful suggestions to the event organizer, Lugulbanda (ooWEE).

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